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      XCTR series residual current electrical detecting device

      XCM60 Series Intelligent Universal Circuit Breakers

      XCML1 Series Residual Current Operated MCCB

      XCM1 Series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

      XCW1 Series Intelligent Universal Circuit Breakers

      Located in the Satet-level Yangzhou New & Hi-tech Development Zone, Yangzhou Xincheng Electrical Devices Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of low-voltage devices. Our company has passed the qulity certification system ISO9001:2008; our major products have been certified by China Quality Certification Center and have passed the CCC certification.
      Major products:
        XCM1 series plastics shell breaker
        XCM1L series residual current breaker
        XCM1B series plastics shell breaker for overload alarming
        XCM60 series intelligent plastics shell breaker
        XCW1 series intelligent universal breaker
        PZ30 integrated electrical cabinet (distribution switchboard)
      Our company seeks survival with quality and boosts development with science and technologies, adopting new materials and new technologies. It is now engaged in developing intelligent products so as to increase technical content.
      Our company always believes that quality is the lifeline and science & technology is the basis of development. It implements the modern scientific management, and assumes as its own responsibility the development of national economy so as to meet the customers demands and requirements and justify the customers expectation. It advocates the corporate spirit of pioneering, innovation, enterprising and dedication, laying emphasis on human efforts and honesty and sincerity. Through the efforts from all perspectives, it has been doing its best to provide the customers with best possible products and services.
        ADD:16# Jinhuai RD. Weiyang Kaifa Qu yangzhou Tel: 0514-87898280 Fax:0514-87871155
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